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Dream Garden Ideas That Are Fun

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A garden is an extension of your home, and if you’re moving, getting a new garden going can seem like a daunting task. The questions are endless. How do you make that outdoor extension feel, and look like a dream? Where do you start? Do you need professional help, or can you do it yourself? What if you’re moving to an apartment or condo - can you still have a garden?

Time to get your green thumbs ready, because this article has all the answers you’re after. If you’re moving, or if you’ve moved to a new place, read on about bringing your dream garden at your dream home to life.

Is your dream garden worth the effort?

A shot of a couple for their shoulders down watering their garden outside of their home

In short, the answer is yes! 

The longer version: there is something special about being one with Mother Nature. Maintaining a gorgeous garden - no matter its size - brings you closer to mother nature. Plus, there are many benefits to looking after your patch of green, be it in the front to improve curb appeal, or in the backyard to enjoy your very own, private outdoor haven.  

Gardens can get you out in the sun, in the fresh air. And, as you know, this will not only help with your physical health but your mental one too. Keeping yourself active will improve your health in all senses of the word. Not only will you be looking after yourself, while looking after your dream garden, but you will also be giving the environment a helping hand by protecting it. 

What’s more, you will get to explore your creativity while making a space that is calming while being fun to hang out in. And, it is an amazing feeling to watch your plants grow, and change with the seasons. 

Planning your garden

A shot of a woman holding up a tray of cacti in front of an outdoor flower store

When it comes to creating a dream garden, plans need to be made. Like everything in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. So, whether you’re building a bombastic backyard, a fantastic front garden, starting from scratch, or just adding extra elements, start with a plan. 

This garden plan should include what you want the layout of the outdoor world of your home to look like. What style you would like to go for, or/and what colors you want to use. Not only are color schemes important but so are different textures. Questions you should ask yourself include: 

  • Will there be a pathway? 
  • Will it be an open plan?
  • What else, outside of the plants, will feature in the garden? 
  • What plants will be planted?  

If you’re stuck on where to start, get inspiration from the neighborhood. You can also consult gardening shows on TV or gardening websites for fresh ideas. Plus, picking up a gardening magazine or two won’t hurt.

When you get an image in your head of how you want your garden to look, put pen to paper and create as much of a visual as you can. You can make a drawing with notes and add colors. You can even cut out magazines. The more detailed you are with your idea on the paper, the more likely it can come true in real life. But, do expect your dream idea to change for the better during the process.  

While you are working on bringing your idea to the page, you should consider hiring a professional landscaper to help you bring your idea to life. Landscapers can help guide you to bring your dream to reality while keeping the needs of your dream garden in mind. 

Furthermore, during the planning process, you would want to know the main goal of your garden. Is it a play space? A hang-out spot for friends and family? A vegetable or herb garden? Will there be a pool? Etc. Answering these questions can help you plan out your dream garden since it can keep you focused on what you want from it.

Using the space in your garden well

Shot of a man over 50 with his hands in focus trimming a flower while arranging his dream garden

Once you visualize your garden, and you have drawn the ideal look and feel, remember to consider the space. Where will your space in this garden be? Do you want to have a sunny spot for tanning or a shady nook where you can enjoy some iced tea on a scorching hot day? This will determine the goal, and atmosphere of your dream garden. There are, basically, two types of gardens: open spaces and more enclosed ones. The former can add a more airy feel to the garden which can be great for hanging out, like having a BBQ. The latter can add a sense of mystery while allowing more of your design creativity to come out.

This means that you would have to plan for patches of land that you can walk around in with nothing in your path. You have all the freedom to tailor your design to your area, property, and style.

What about gardening in an apartment

Someone planting a plant into a flower pot while decorating a house with house plants

You are not only limited to the outside world of your home. Many people live in apartments or have small areas for gardens as a whole. There are ways to get around this. The best one is by having flower plants that can fit around your window stills. There are flower pots that can go outside (such as the square-shaped ones) or on the inside (the traditional round ones).  

If you have a balcony, even better. Make sure that you find the spots in your house that allow a lot of sunlight. As well as places where you can get the right soil to use to grow plants inside. Also, research what type of plants can do well indoors - lilies, ficus or orchids do well inside. The highlight of indoor plants is a sense of serenity and feelings of peace, and if you choose flowering plants, you’ll be greeted by bright colors and pleasant smells.

Now it’s time to plant your garden

A woman over 50 on one knee looking at her phone for garden decoration ideas while gently touching a plant

First, take into consideration your garden aspect when looking at types of plants. A garden aspect is dictated by where your space gets the most sunlight as well as where the shade falls. Some plants can actually grow better in less sunlight than others. This will help you narrow down which type of plants to get as well as will help you map out your home oasis.  

Another thing to consider when looking at what to plant is the climate that you live in. Certain plants can handle certain types of climates better than others. You can use the USDA site to compare plant hardiness zones. This means to compare the climate of your environment with that of the plant you want to see if they can work together. And, you can also check out the Farmer’s Almanac for more information about which types of plants flourish in your area.  

You would also want to take the season into account, and find plants that are season based as well as those that can grow all year round. Furthermore, you would want to look at the colors of the plants, as well as their size. And, how you can maintain them. It is great to have pretty items in your outdoor oasis but, if they are tough to look after, then they will not last. Plus, that will take out the fun if they are being difficult.

Adding garden decor

Shot of a man over 50 looking at this phone while sitting by the pool outdoors in the retirement village in Florida

Your dream garden is what you want it to be. This means that you can decide what items outside of plants you want in it if any at all. However, these extra features would also have to be in your garden plan. These items can include BBQs, fountains, patios, outdoor seating, lights, a bonfire, etc. You can decide if you want them to be linked with a path or not at all? You can choose to have an outdoor kitchen or a pool with a slide? 

The choice is, of course, up to you, but you would have to plan for it. By adding more items, you would be improving the functionality of your dream garden. There are many projects (some can even be DIY) that can be done in a garden. Such as creating a flow of soft (grass and plants) and hard (paving and seating) surfaces highlighted by wonderful outdoor lighting. The only limit you have is the size of your space. But, a ton can be done in a small area with the right type of planning.

Maintaining your dream garden

Man standing while smiling and holding a potted plant in his hands after arranging his apartment with plants

Gardening can be a wonderful, ongoing project where the point of it is not only to be an extension of the house, but also something to keep you busy. A hobby where the goals are easily seen and even smelt. Therefore, it is important to work out a maintenance plan to keep your dream garden growing, and amazing. You would have to water it at a certain time of the day such as the morning or evening, but not midday since it can be way too hot depending on where you live.  

You would also have to account for compost if need be as well as for trimming your plants to keep them in line. As well as the extra items you add to your dream garden be it a sitting area or a pool etc. However, it is worth it to enjoy the labors of your own outdoor space that grows due to your green thumbs. This is an achievement that not many people actually have. 

Moving with Shyft gives you more time to garden

A couple over 50 on a video call with their family while sitting in their room in a retirement community

Did you know that planning your move can take around 60 hours of your time - Shyft can cut that down to just 4 hours. This will give you ample time to plan your dream garden and decorate your new home. Plus AARP members get a discount of up to $250 for a move booked with AARP Moving Services powered by Shyft. This can put extra cash in your pocket for a dream garden.

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Adding more soil to Shyft

A man over 50 looking at his laptop while on Zoom video call with his family saying Hi from retirement village

The reason why Shyft takes down your moving information, as well as creates your inventory list is so that all this information is taken to Shyft’s secure bidding platform. It is here that verified, and experienced moving companies gather to bid on your project. Shyft then collects three or more moving quotes from different movers. All the quotes are presented to you as well as details about the companies they are from.  

What is more, is that you decide which one to work with. All the quotes are guaranteed meaning the cost you see is what you will pay. Plus, if you have any concerns, questions or you just want advice, then you can call Shyft 24/7 and this does include during the evening, as well as over the weekend. Shyft is on call to you. 

Therefore, get to your new home with the help of Shyft, and start creating the garden of your green thumb-loving dreams. Your natural piece of earth awaits your tender, loving, and arty touch.