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How to Get Free Relocation Quotes

Monday, September 25, 2023

One of the first things you need to do when planning to move somewhere new is to get a relocation quote.  Moving companies generally supply relocation quotes free of charge. However, don’t send a quote request to all the movers you find on the first few pages of your internet search engine. That will only confuse you.

Your challenge is to pick out three or four reliable movers you think will fit your needs. Only then source the quotes and compare them to choose the best deal. Most experts agree that getting three to five free relocation quotes allows you to gauge the prices in the moving industry and allows you to choose the best value for money. Of course, you should know what you want to move and what types of services you require before contacting movers. 

Some homework is necessary. Shyft will help you explore several resources and strategies to gather accurate relocation estimates from moving companies. As a result, you will be able to simplify your moving process and plan your budget effectively.

A mover loading boxes into a truck

What to Prepare Before Requesting Free Relocation Quotes 

Since you are sourcing quotes from multiple moving companies to compare them, it’s important to give each mover the same information. 

Firstly, decide which of your belongings you are moving to the new home. If you are uncertain about an office chair or a cupboard, include them in the “to take” list. 

Then, select your move date and decide what moving services you need. Are you happy with only loading, transportation, and unloading? Do you need any packing materials? Would you prefer to have your mover pack and unpack your possessions? Do you have any high-value items or fragile items? The movers need to have all that information to give you accurate relocation estimates. Also, let them know about any obstacles that may affect smooth loading and unloading because some movers may charge an additional fee if extra labor is required.  

Have a list of questions to ask each moving company and note down the replies. And don’t forget to inquire about discounts!

How to Choose the Right Mover

You already know where you are relocating and what type of mover you need. You also know what kind of moving services you want. So, when looking for a mover, limit your search to the companies that can satisfy your requirements. For example, rule out movers specializing in local moves if you are relocating long-distance. Also, rule out movers who do not offer full service if you are looking for someone to pack and unpack your belongings and assemble and disassemble your furniture.

Even after you narrow your search, you will find that there are thousands of moving companies out there. Finding the one you can trust can be difficult. Yet, it is crucial to partner with a reliable moving company, whether you are moving across town or overseas, to protect your belongings and avoid moving scams. 

You can seek advice and recommendations from friends and family. You can also scrutinize online reviews and ratings. Or you can save time and trouble by entrusting your move to AARP® Moving Services powered by Shyft. The moving companies Shyft works with are licensed and vetted. Plus, AARP members a discount of up to $250 every time they move, no matter where - or how many times.

What Is a Relocation Quote?

A relocation quote is a written document that lets you know how much your move will cost. It should contain:

  • The move date.
  • The move distance.
  • The weight of the shipment.
  • An inventory list of items moved.
  • Special services requested (such as packing and unpacking).
  • Moving insurance level.

Your relocation quote can also include transportation costs, fuel surcharges, valuable items charges, or storage-in-transit charges.

It is vital to get three or four quotes from different moving companies. That will enable you to compare prices and services and get the best value for your money.

How are moving quotes calculated?

Relocation quotes are usually calculated based on the type of move. Local movers charge by the hour and the number of workers needed to do the job. 

The cost of interstate and long-distance moves depends on the weight of your belongings, the distance, and labor costs.

Services such as packing or storage are charged extra. You also need to budget for moving insurance if your policy does not cover goods in transit. Most moving companies offer basic liability coverage free of charge, but that will not cover the value of most of your possessions.

Keep in mind that the moving date can influence the cost. Moving companies usually charge less mid-week and during the winter.  

Types of moving quotes

Relocation quotes can be binding, non-binding, or binding-not-to-exceed. Be sure to compare quotes of the same type. 

  • A binding moving quote ensures a fixed price, provided there are no changes in the distance or size of the shipment. 
  • A non-binding moving quote means the mover can charge more at the destination. By law, you are not liable to pay more than 110% of the amount quoted. 
  • A binding-not-to-exceed moving quote is similar to a binding quote, but the mover commits to charge less if your belongings weigh less than initially estimated. 

Regardless of the type of relocation quote, your mover may charge you extra if they encounter difficulties you didn’t mention, such as a narrow staircase, a non-working elevator, or a lack of adequate parking space. The amount depends on the expenses the mover incurred to overcome the difficulties.

A man researching moving companies on his laptop and asking for relocation quotes online

How to Get an Accurate Relocation Estimate

Many movers offer instant online cost estimates on their websites. A relocation cost estimator provides a ballpark figure based on the number of bedrooms in your home, the distance of the move, and the move date. It can give you an idea of how much you have to spend. Use online quote generators to approximate relocation costs, but do not base your moving budget solely on them.

Some movers may want to give you an over-the-phone relocation estimate. That may work for a small household. To avoid surprises, prepare a list of items you want to move and know the total weight.

A more accurate relocation estimate requires an in-house or virtual survey.

An in-house survey involves a visit from a moving company’s agent. They will evaluate your belongings and take inventory of household items in person. This method ensures a high level of accuracy.

Virtual surveys of your belongings can be just as comprehensive. They allow an agent to remotely view the items you want to move through your smartphone or tablet, doing away with the time and effort associated with in-house relocation estimates. How accurate are virtual surveys? That largely depends on the technological tool used to assess the inventory. ShyftNext, the app at your disposal when organizing your move with Shyft, is noted for its precision.

Compare and Choose the Best Relocation Quote

Once you receive at least three free relocation estimates, place them side by side, and carefully compare them. Ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. For example, do not compare a binding quote with a non-binding one.

If you notice that you’ve missed any crucial item or change your mind regarding a specific service, contact the movers and ask them to amend their relocation estimates

The quotes you receive will probably be similar, as they should be. If you get noticeably higher or lower quotes, you need to investigate why. An unusually low quote may be a red flag, a sign of a potential moving scam, so you need to be cautious.

In any case, don’t look only at the price. Be sure to choose the mover you feel you can depend on.

A woman with her mother going through relocation estimates on their phone

How to Get Free Relocation Quotes From Shyft 

Do you cringe at the idea of investing all that time and effort to get free moving quotes? That's where AARP Moving Services powered by Shyft comes in.

Shyft makes the process of obtaining relocation quotes as quick and simple as possible. The only tool you need is your smartphone. No special digital knowledge is required. Here’s how it works, step-by-step:

  • Download the Shyft moving checklist. This step is optional but highly recommended to help you keep organized.
  • Download the highly accurate ShyftNext app for your iPhone or Android device. 
  • Fill in a short form online or call 1-888-501-3181 and schedule your video call.
  • Have a video call with a Shyft representative. Point your camera at the items you want to move and chat about your moving needs and your budget. 
  • Check and approve your inventory list. The ShyftNext app is typically 95% accurate, so this should be easy.
  • Get at least three competitive free relocation quotes from different moving companies and choose the one that suits you best. 

The moving quote you choose becomes binding. The price is locked and cannot change unless you alter important details (shipment size, distance, or services). 

The Advantages of Relocating with Shyft

Of course, obtaining free relocation estimates is only the first step in organizing a successful move to your new home. But no need to worry. Shyft ensures that you have a stress-free experience. These are the main benefits of entrusting your move to Shyft:

  • Peace of mind: All moving companies in Shyft’s network are licensed and vetted. 
  • Personal touch: A dedicated Move Coach oversees the process door-to-door to ensure the safety of your belongings. 
  • 24/7 availability: You can contact Shyft day or night during the relocation with any questions or concerns.
  • Transparent costing: There are no additional fees or hidden costs to surprise you at the destination. 
  • Exclusive discount for AARP members: Get up to $250 off every time you relocate.
  • Responsible business practices: Your personal information is safe and secure with Shyft.

The bottom line is that Shyft arranges everything. You just move. Book your move now and claim your discount of up to $250.

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