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Is a Retirement Village the Best Moving Option for You?

Friday, March 17, 2023

Retirement is a big deal. As the door of work and responsibilities closes, a new door of freedom opens. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve earned this time to do whatever you want, and go wherever you want. Maybe you’re thinking about a retirement village - and why not. An entire community of like-minded people in places with the climate that you’ve always wanted to live in.

What Are These Retirement Villages Exactly?

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A retirement village is so much more than just a collection of houses in a single area. A retirement village is a place for independent living that also offers a range of services, support, and activities. It is a community where you can meet new people and forge new friendships.

Retirement villages have a collection of places to live in. Such as bungalows, cottages, and apartments. Since these homes are small it means that looking after them can be a lot easier when compared to a bigger house or space. This can give you more time to do what you like while your home stays clean and well-kept.  

There are people onsite who are there to help with all the aspects of retirement village living, including concierge services as well as emergency assistance 24/h per day.

Why Move to a Retirement Village?

Outside of the above-mentioned services, and the smaller homes, there is a retirement community to be a part of. This is where you can meet new people when you move in. As well as to meet new members of the community when they move in.Furthermore, it lets you make personal connections over a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. You’ll still see friends and family on occasion, as you probably already do, but there is something special about building real connections. Plus, there is always someone up for a game of cards.  

Keeping with the theme of socializing, many retirement villages host a collection of social events, such as activities, clubs and societies. These can be anything from dances, quiz nights, trips, and more. The name of the game is fun and relaxation which retirement villages know how to play, and usually how to win.  

There is More to Retirement

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Another important aspect of moving into a retirement village is that there are a range of facilities for you to use and activities that you can take part in. These vary from village to village, and include:


●     Emergency staff on call 24/7

●     People to help with daily needs

●     Gardens to look after the areas in the community space, as well as your own garden

●     Team of maintenance workers to keep the place running and fix anything that breaks

●     Security to keep you safe

●     Gym, or a workout center

●     Pool and/or a spa for you to relax at

●     A country club-inspired social hub that can feature a bar, restaurant, cafe etc.

●     Areas to do sports like croquet, snooker, bowling, tennis etc.  

To find the best place for you to enjoy your retirement, you would have to do a bit of research.

What to Consider About Retirement Villages

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When deciding if you want to move into a retirement village there are some factors that you must consider. Every place is different and offers different things.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

-      Is there all-around care, maintenance, support, people to help you, gardeners, cleaners?

-      What can you do there for fun?

-      Are there activities that are new to you?

-      What is the average age of the community?

-      Can you have a pet or a garden?

-      How big are the homes?

-      What is the policy for guests and visitors?

-      How tasty is the food?

In fact, having a list of questions handy is a great idea, you can keep track of everything you need to ask your representative before making the big decision to move.  

A friendly reminder is to try to have a one-on-one conversation with someone from the place. This can also be a video call if need be. But, body language, as you know, is important since it does tell a lot. As well as can foreshadow your experience living in that village. Also, take a tour. Plus, you can always change your mind if the village does not really suit you.

Retirement Communities in the US to Consider

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The village. retirement community has so many options that the best thing you want to do is decide which state you want to live in. This can help you narrow down your choices while allowing you to be closer to your family and friends. You can check out:

●     A lot of retirement communities in Florida

●     Many retirement communities in Arizona

●     As well as many retirement communities in North Carolina

●     And good retirement communities in Tennessee

And other states too. Again it is all about where you want to be, research is the key.

Retirement Villages to Check Out

While the location is important, here are some of the retirement villages that offer a high standard of activities, and facilities. Such as:

●     The Villages retirement village

●     Western Hills retirement village

●     Brooke Grove retirement village

●     Claremont Retirement village

●     Williamsport retirement village

●     Cherry Creek retirement village

●     Coronado retirement village

●     Mayfair Village retirement center

●     Arcadia retirement village

●     Glenwood retirement village

●     Locust Grove retirement village  

Just to name a few to get your research fingers typing.

Visitors and Families Are Allowed in Villages

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Moving to be close to family and friends is a big thing. And, both parties can come to visit you in your new home. They are free to come, you are free to go, and all your items at home will be safe due to the retirement village’s security team.  

Furthermore, you can also hire or rent out guest suites for friends, family, grandkids to stay over.However, if they want to bring their pets, you would have to check with the village authorization to see if it is allowed.

How to Move to A Retirement Village Safely with Shyft

If you decide that a retirement village is for you, and you have found the right one to live in, now comes the part of getting there. Shyft is at your call to help you move your world to another one. Shyft organizes moves for all sorts of people, and the appeal is definitely the contactless video chat and multiple quote sourcing.The team is easy to work with while being on call every day, including evenings and weekends, whenever you have a question, a concern or just want advice on packing.

All you have to do is go to the AARP® Moving Services powered by Shyft website at, and complete a simple form. Your dedicated Move Coach will call you through the free-downloadable ShyftNext App. They will call when you want them to, take down your inventory list during the first call, and send it back to you within half an hour after the conclusion of the call.  

When Shyft has your okay for the list as well as all your moving details, this will be presented to their bidding platform. This is a secure platform where highly skilled, experienced, and legitimate movers gather to bid on projects. Yours in particular. From here Shyft finds over three quotes from different moving companies. These are sent to you so that you pick and choose which one will take on your move.  

Working with Shyft can save your hours in time and hundreds of dollars on your move. Everything will be organized for you so that you do not get stressed out. Or you can pull your family and friends into a DIY move as an option.

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