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More Than Just Entertainment, Digital Technologies Add Value to Life

Monday, September 4, 2023

Since you are reading this blog, you are no stranger to the digital world. You might subscribe to a streaming service, chat with family members regularly over Zoom, play your favorite games, and even share your everyday life on social media. The ever-changing digital landscape is an uncharted land of opportunity, not only for lifestyle and entertainment but also to make everyday tasks, such as moving, easier. 

The digital domain was once populated primarily by the young. These days, more and more Americans over 50 are embracing new technologies, narrowing the generational divide, and proving that age is not a barrier to keeping up with the times.

In this article, we explore how participating in the digital era enhances your quality of life and helps to empower you.

Young man and his grandfather watching funny reels on smartphone

More and More People Are Using Digital Technologies Every Day

Change is a universal challenge that touches every individual, regardless of their age. The world of technology is akin to a high-speed train, hurtling forward year after year. It's no surprise that some people tend to hold on to the familiar amidst this rapid transformation. Think back to the era when electricity burst onto the scene, replacing candles and gas lamps. There were those who hesitated to touch the switch, as if the unknown was their greatest adversary.

Nevertheless, in the present landscape, an increasing number of individuals are turning to a variety of technologies to simplify their daily routines. So, if the array of gadgets and digital innovations have you raising an eyebrow, don't fret – you're not alone in this sentiment. It's almost a rite of passage in today's swiftly evolving world.

Whether you realize it or not, digital technology has woven itself into the fabric of life, transcending age barriers. It's akin to a friendly neighbor who keeps dropping by, offering new opportunities and possibilities. To put it succinctly, embracing change – even the kind driven by technology – can be likened to infusing a touch of efficiency into your daily routine. The bottom line? Change isn't the big, bad wolf. It's more like that cool breeze on a hot day, refreshing and full of potential.

Over 50s Are Getting More Tech-Savvy 

The journey of the 50+ community through technological advancements is a testament to their remarkable adaptability and embrace of change.

The numbers speak for themselves. Many 50+ Americans have adopted using digital devices and consider themselves tech-savvy. According to a recent survey by AARP on tech trends, technology has become an integral part of their life. Almost 80% of 2,979 respondents frequently use technology. As many as 86% own a smartphone, 70% a smart TV, and 59% a tablet. Furthermore, 31% have a home assistant, 28% own a wearable device, and 24% have a smart home device. 

These statistics unmistakably reflect the active engagement of the 50+ community with the digital landscape. AARP's survey highlights their impressive tech-savviness, with a significant majority integrating technology seamlessly into their lives.

A happy retired man surfing the internet while drinking his tea

Benefits of Digital Literacy in Today’s Digital World

In the modern world, digital literacy is as essential as knowing how to read and write. Technological tools are a part of our daily life and digital literacy is essential for equity in aging

Many activities have moved online, from buying tickets for a cinema or accessing banking services to applying for state support or booking a health appointment. Embracing digital technology can help you to:

  • Stay connected: Video calls, social media platforms, and messaging apps let you interact with your family and children, even if they are far away from you. This is of crucial importance, as social interactions benefit our mental and physical well-being.
  • Access information: Whether you want to read the news, research the topics that interest you, or engage in lifelong learning, the internet offers invaluable resources. It’s never been easier to dip into the well of human knowledge!
  • Shop online: You can buy groceries, clothing, medications, and more from the comfort of your home. This saves time, effort, and money because you can quickly compare prices and look for discounts.
  • Boost health and wellness: Monitor your health, track fitness goals, and manage chronic conditions with the help of health-related apps and wearable devices. Online services also enable remote medical consultations, making healthcare more accessible.
  • Sharpen your brain: Brain-training apps and puzzles, such as the AARP Staying Sharp, offer opportunities for mental stimulation.
  • Be entertained: Streaming services, e-books, and social media provide numerous entertainment options. 
  • Get creative: Give wings to your creative side by posting your photographs online, blogging, or even creating YouTube channels to share your experiences.
  • Keep safe: Use your smartphone or an emergency response system when you need to ask for help.

Researchers say that people over 50 who use technology feel more connected to others. They are also more engaged in the community and better informed about the world around them. Technology can greatly improve your quality of life and make many everyday tasks easier.

A happy retired woman video-chatting on her laptop with her family

Technology Makes Moving More Convenient

Do you need more motivation to dip into the digital world? Here’s a big incentive to use new technology for all AARP members planning to move home.

AARP® Moving Services powered by Shyft is designed specifically for people over 50 because Shyft understands they may need special services and extra support when relocating. With its innovative digital tool and knowledgeable staff always ready to lend a helping hand, Shyft will make your move smooth and stress-free. 

Turn to Shyft whether you intend to move a block away or to another state. Shyft has a vast network of professional movers that can handle any relocation type, from local to international, and offer any kind of moving services you may need. On top of that, AARP members get an exclusive discount of up to $250 for every move they book.

Moving the Shyft way means you don’t need to spend hours researching moving companies. You don’t need to let movers into your home to survey your belongings. You also don’t need to worry whether there will be any unforeseen charges at the destination.

Shyft will digitally examine the items you want to move and send you several competitive quotes from different moving companies without setting foot into your house. 

It is easy to use Shyft’s innovative digital moving app, called ShyftNext. Download it, free of charge, on your iPhone or Android device. Then schedule a video call with a Shyft representative online or by phone at 1-888-501-3181.

The Shyft representative, your dedicated Move Coach, will video-call you at the appointed time and inventory everything you want to move. All you have to do is walk around your home and point your device at your belongings. You can also ask questions, and your Move Coach will advise you about your options and approximate costs.

The video call typically takes about half an hour. Soon after the call ends, you will receive a list of your moving inventory. This list will be 95% accurate. Go through it and make the necessary changes to make it 100% accurate.  

The inventory list you approved then goes to the secure platform where vetted professional movers bid for your relocation. Only the details such as the shipment size, move date, and move distance accompany the list. Your personal information is not shared.

The movers that offer the best prices have a chance to get your business. Shyft will send you at least three moving quotes from different companies to choose from.

The moving quote you choose will become locked. There will be no extra charges or additional fees. Your dedicated Move Coach will oversee the relocation from start to finish to ensure your belongings are safe. During the whole process, you can contact Shyft 24/7, including on weekends.

With Shyft, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of cutting-edge technology and the comfort of a personalized approach. Confidently embrace the digital age while retaining the human touch.

AARP members, remember to claim your exclusive discount of up to $250 when you book your move.

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