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Moving after retirement? Here is Shyft's list of pros and cons.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Retirement the chapter in life that everyone works towards. No matter how you choose to live life, you need to ensure that your sunset years are just as eventful and exciting, and most importantly, secure, as the rest of your life. Think of it this way, you have worked hard your whole life, and now is the time for you to relax, rest, and enjoy the fruits of your earnings without working restrictions. But, you still have to make some important decisions before you can get your “retirement on” and the more important item is whether you want to move or not.  

Moving Pros

There are so many pros when it comes to moving after your retirement. Shyft lists the more important ones just to warm you up:  

Save Money, Move Whenever

Moving is expensive - so is it worth it? The answer to that question lies in the long term savings that a potential move could bring. Ideally, when you retire, you no longer want to be working - so your retirement fund has to last, and has to cover  unexpected costs. So, moving from one state to another, as your lifestyle changes really makes financial sense, particularly when the state that you're planning to retire in has lower taxes, cheaper housing and an overall lower cost of living.

A lock on top of a role of US bills on a wooden table

Wherever you're moving, there are some super hacks to saving money. The first is choosing the right time of year to move. You see, peak moving season happens during the summer, this is because school is out, and people are in vacation mode and generally have time to move. However, this also means that relocating gets a whole lot more expensive during the summer. Therefore, a great way to save money is to move between August and March. As movers are less in demand during the colder months, you'll save a lot on your move.

Another way to save cash, when you're moving for retirement, is to move to a cheaper state or town, when it comes to the cost of living. Not only in terms of house prices but also terms of groceries, activities, taxes, etc. It would also be a good idea to downsize your home to make it more convenient for you to live in. You probably don't need the extra space anymore.  

Look for something comfy and smaller that is easier to look after without taking up a lot of your time. Enjoy the benefits of downsizing. Another hack is to consider moving to a retirement village that automatically surrounds you with like-minded people, and opens the doors of opportunity for new friendships through the great facilities usually offered at some of these communities.

Choose Your Climate

People often move to places that are closer to their work. This means that you may have moved to a city that is very expensive, congested, busy or simply has bad weather. When you retire, you can move anywhere you want - and a location that meets your climate-loving needs may be just what you need. Do you like the sun? Then Florida is the place for you. How about some snow? Check out Alaska. The thing is that the world is now open to you and you can choose the climate of your dreams.  

A wooden thermometer in the beach sand, with the sea in the background on a sunny day

One last thing, moving to the right climate can help with allergies and lighten your mood.

More Space For Fun and Hobbies

Another benefit to moving after retirement is that you can pick up new hobbies or go back to old ones. You can do this in your current home, but why not have a fresh start to do something new? You can garden, knit, create, play games, etc. With more space even if it is smaller you can do something with your free time. And since you are no longer limited by your job, you will have a lot more time to do a lot more fun stuff.  

Plus, some states have a lot of cultural events and buildings for you to visit. Such as parks, museums, group activities and a lot to keep yourself entertained as well as to meet like-minded people.

<alt text: A vegetable garden with a person in boots watering the plants

Furthermore, having a fresh start can be a new chapter in your life, even after retirement. There is a whole new world to explore so why not pick up your roots and throw them into a new home? It is an adventure where you can meet adventurers to have fun with, learn from, you can still do that and even gather new skills. It is never too late to learn, even if you do know it all, and a new chapter is exciting.

Moving Cons

Whenever there are pros there are cons. But, the cons can be turned into pros with the right mindset.

A person in a hoodie looking at the city through window with  “Changing Mindsets” written on the gray hoodie

Moving Away from Home

There could be a huge possibility that you have lived in your home forever, and the idea of moving away from family and friends can be an unnerving one. This is a normal emotion. And, while this is a major con, there can be positives in it. You can experience new beginnings, the wonder of the unknown and explore completely new terrains.  

Furthermore, you can get your friends and family to come to visit you if you move to somewhere that is also new for them. You can think of it as their holiday home. This means when it is vacation time, they have a place to travel to where they can stay rent-free. Also, keep in mind that you are not a tree and your roots can move wherever you want them to be.

Start A New

Many people are not fans of change. But, it is worth it for the adventure, even if it is a calming one to experience. Moving to another state can be a great way to see the world in a new light. Furthermore, you can meet new people who are in the same boat as you. And, depending on where you move to, you can also get a boat.

A man over 40 relaxing while reading a book in his new home

The options are endless as long as you are safe and happy. While relocation costs can be a hassle there are many companies that can help you with all of that. Be it domestic relocation, international relocation, or interstate relocation. A new start can be just what you need to start your retirement on the right foot.

Cost of Relocation

While it can be both incredibly stressful and expensive to move, it does not have to be. Shyft is there to help you every step of the way - all you need to do is complete a short, contactless video call, to source multiple prices from reliable and verified movers. Best of all, Shyft manages your entire move for you. And if you need some advice or a friendly face to help you in the decision making process, choosing a state or getting amazing discounts - look no further than Shyft's Move Manager for advice.   

There are plenty of pros and cons to moving after retirement, but the pros can outweigh the cons. The point is that you want to move to a place that is suited to your new needs, be it financially, aging, space, etc. You can also opt to move back to your hometown if you moved away when you were younger due to work or family. Either way, you no longer have to hold back nor limit your time to certain expensive peak seasons.

5 Of The Best States To Retire In

Best places to retire in Florida

One of the best states that many people opt to retire to is Florida. Nicknamed the Sunshine State, this one has been a refuge for many retirees. It has the second-hottest temperatures with many places that you can cool off in. Furthermore, the population of Florida is 21 percent 65 and older. This means that there are a lot of opportunities to meet like-minded people.  

Best places to retire in Tennessee

If you are looking for an even cheaper place to live in, in terms of the cost of living, then give Tennessee a look. This state is ranked number one in affordability due to its below-average costs. As well as having a small cost for taxes including the local and state.

Building with Tennessee's sign on the side of it and american flags on other buildings surrounding it

Retirement communities in Missouri

Missouri is also affordable when it comes to the cost of living. Plus, it hosts a moderate climate making the season enough for you to handle.

Best retirement communities in Massachusetts

Now if you want to spend a bit more money then you can take a look at Massachusetts. While it can be expensive, the upside of this state for retirees is that it ranks number one in terms of wellness which is also an important category when looking at where to retire.

Best places to retire in Georgia

Another very affordable state is Georgia. It is ranked about third when it comes to affordability and it too has light tax burdens which is something to always be looking for when wanting to move after retirement.  

However, when it comes to moving you should make your own pros and cons list comparing your favorite states. The above is just a guide but it all depends on where you want to live for the rest of your life. You can look at:

  • Affordability
  • Wellness
  • Cost of living
  • Health benefits
  • Activities, culture, entertainment
  • Crime rate
  • House costs
  • Locations
  • Age range
  • Public/ private transportation
  • Taxes

As long as you make an informed decision then you will be fine. Moving often means getting another mortgage unless you can pay outright for the new home. It can also take a physical toll as well, with all the packing, moving, and transporting, and later, the maintenance that comes with a new home. Many retirees prefer to age in place or move to a small retirement community where all the maintenance is taken care of for them.

Shyft Can Help You Move After Retirement

Shyft is easy to use, and you would be talking to a living, breathing human being whose face you can see.  

Shyft works like your very own moving organizer. When you work with Shyft, a Move Manager takes on all the hassles and organization of moving. Be it from state to state, country to country, or city to town. Your Move Manager is there to assess your requirements, see the items you need to move, find you multiple quotes from movers and best of all, ensure that the movers are reliable. Shyft is here to help you every single step of the way.  

 Woman waving during a video call at here colleagues while smiling at her laptop camera >

It starts with a video call where you can see and meet your Move Manager. From here, your inventory list will be created and sent them back to you to check within half an hour. Furthermore, this call happens at a time that is suited to you, so at night or on weekends (or early mornings if that's what you prefer). Shyft is here to serve, not complicate.  

Then Shyft will go through the effort of finding you not one moving company but to gather and give you at least three different quotes from three different moving companies that want to take on your job. Furthermore, these quotes are guaranteed with no hidden costs. And your Move Manager can also give you information, tips, and advice to make your relocation run as smoothly as possible.   

Your Move Manager can also be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you would not be handling the move all alone.  

Therefore, with Shyft, moving after retirement is something to look forward to. With their help and guidance, it is an easier process than it ever was before. If you do decide to move, make sure you have all the information before you make that big decision. And stay safe.

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