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Why You Don’t Have to Move to Florida in Retirement

Monday, September 11, 2023

It’s almost become a cliche. When you mention retirement, moving to Florida comes to mind. Florida has long been regarded as the retirement capital of the U.S. 

There is, of course, nothing wrong with moving to Florida after retiring. But you may not want to follow the crowds. In this article, we turn the spotlight on some alternative retirement destinations beyond the Sunshine State. Explore the benefits of other regions and challenge the assumption that Florida is the only retirement haven for your golden years.

There are many factors to consider when picking a place to retire, from finances and availability of healthcare to the proximity of loved ones and quality of life. You might find in this post the place that tickles your imagination and may even turn out to be perfect for you. 

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Why Is Retiring in Florida So Popular?

Year after year, thousands of Americans choose to retire in Florida. What’s not to like? The weather is warm, the cost of living is reasonable, and there is no state income tax. Besides, it’s great to live in an established tourist destination. Your friends and family are likely to visit often. And you will feel like you are living a perpetual beach holiday.

With so much going for the Sunshine State, it’s no surprise that it is home to many retirement communities. Designed for the growing population of retirees, these retirement communities in Florida offer numerous benefits. Many promote an active lifestyle garnered with social events, travel, and recreational activities, making them attractive to people who want to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

The list of best places to retire in Florida does not end there. Many Florida cities and towns regularly feature in the “top 50 places to retire” rankings. Cities like Sarasota, Naples, and St. Augustine are noted for picturesque landscapes, cultural attractions, and access to good healthcare facilities. Whether you seek a peaceful coastal retreat, a thriving cultural hub, or a tranquil suburban setting, you will find your fit in Florida.

Reasons Not to Move to Florida in Retirement

Are you among the people who do not enjoy hot and humid summers? Perhaps it is simply too far away for you. You may prefer to move closer to your family when you retire. After all, being surrounded by loved ones can bring great joy and give you a sense of security. Consider choosing a location that allows you to maintain those valuable relationships.

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Other Best Places to Retire in the USA

Is there a specific state you've always been curious about? WalletHub evaluated all 50 states and chose the 10 best states to retire in the USA in 2023. They based their selection on affordability, quality of life, and access to health care. Virginia took the first spot, and Florida the second. According to the report, other top states for retirees are Colorado, Wyoming, Delaware, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, and North Dakota. 

Although Florida is often associated with a lower cost of living, it's not the only state that lets you stretch your retirement dollars. States like Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas have lower taxes, affordable housing options, and access to quality healthcare. North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee are also emerging as popular alternatives for retirees seeking affordable housing and a lower cost of living. According to the WalletHub study, Alabama, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are the three most budget-friendly states. Alaska, New York, and California have the highest cost of living.

As for the best cities to retire in the USA in 2023-2024, U.S. News ranks as many as 5 Pennsylvania cities among their top 10: Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Allentown, and Reading. Four are in Florida (Pensacola, Tampa, Naples, and Daytona Beach), and one is in Michigan (Ann Arbor).  

Pennsylvania’s Lancaster and Harrisburg took the two highest spots in the U.S. News ranking due to excellent healthcare, affordable housing, and high quality of life. Lancaster boasts a bustling center, manicured suburbs, and pastoral farmland. The parks and forests of Harrisburg are great for hiking, mountain biking, or camping.

There are also numerous active retirement communities all over the USA, such as Green Valley (Arizona), Sun City Summerlin (Nevada), and Leisure World (Maryland), to name just a few.

How to Choose Your Retirement Destination

Of course, choosing a place to retire can’t be based only on rankings. Your retirement destination is a deeply personal choice. Consider your preferences and hobbies to ensure that you continue to pursue your passions and enjoy life to the fullest. Take the time to explore different places and weigh the pros and cons. Pay attention to what matters to you, for example, the proximity to loved ones, affordability, cultural opportunities, or a desire to experience something new. 

Before making a decision, do your homework. Research the medical care facilities, housing prices, as well as local taxes. For example, it’s nice to hear that a state does not levy an income tax, but other taxes may be higher, such as the sales or property tax. 

Spend some time in the place that is to become your future home. Live like the locals live and talk to the locals. That will give you a good idea of whether the place of your dreams is the place you can call home. 

Do you want to learn about more awesome retirement destinations in the USA and the world? Check our blog post on Best Places to Live in 2023.

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